7 Father’s Day Gift Box Ideas for Dad – Forget the Tie!

Father’s Day is right around the corner. It is a day we mark on the calendar every year to celebrate Dad and to say thanks.

“Thanks, Dad, for the roof over our heads.”

“Thanks, Dad, for never missing one of my recitals.”

“Thanks, Dad, for taking me fishing.”

“Thanks, Dad, for always listening and being patient with me.”

“Thanks, Dad, for letting me have that last slice of pizza.”

When we stop and think about it, there a million reasons to say, ‘Thanks Dad.”  And while it is sometimes true that Dads can be a bit corny with the way they dress, the music they listen to, or their endless stream of groaningly bad Dad Jokes, it also true that Dads are cool. In fact, Dads rock!

Dads are selfless, always available, and every Father’s Day, they always say with a big smile on their faces, “Thanks for the tie, I’ll add it to my collection!” and into the closet it goes.

Ties, coffee cups, and plastic trophies that say, “World’s Greatest Dad” have seemingly become the traditional Father’s Day gifts of choosing. And while we are sure that these traditional gifts will certainly be cherished, doesn’t Dad deserve a little something more?

This year go beyond the tie and surprise Dad with a Father’s Day Gift Box!

 We have a fantastic line up of hand-packed, hand-wrapped Father’s Day Gift Boxes you can find in our gift box store. We are positive you will find something for the Dad in your life!

Father’s Day Gift Boxes

The Outdoors

Is your Dad an outdoors enthusiast? If so, he will love one of these two gift boxes.

It’s a Camo Thing Father’s Day Gift Set This gift box doesn’t have a tie, but it does include a camouflage insulated travel cup to keep Dad’s drinks hot or cold. Tradition with a twist.



Hunters Retreat Gift Set This gift set is loaded and arrives in a masculine hamper that has a lid and leather strap to keep the contents secure. After all the deliciousness inside has been devoured, the hamper is perfect to use for portable storage.


Sports Gift Baskets

It’s a safe bet that Dad is sports fan. Football, fishing, NASCAR? Browse our sports gift baskets!


Golfing Around Golf Sports Bag Like all our Father’s Day Gift Boxes, this bag is stuffed with specialty snacks for the course, and includes a Greens Keeper Golf Kit. But the awesome thing about this golf bag is that it is actually a cooler! Dad can load it with ice and his favorite beverages while he practices his chipping in the backyard.



Bullseye Deluxe Gift Set  Dad’s Man Cave won’t be complete without a dart board, so set him up. This gift set includes a classic 2 in 1 dart board, two sets of darts, and plenty of salty and sweet snacks to share with his buddies during the big game.

Gourmet Treats and Snacks

Does Dad like to snack? Does he consider himself of bit of a Foodie? You have come to the right place! Check out specialty gourmet food options. In the meantime, let us whet your appetite with a few of these offerings.




Gourmet Desk Caddy  The treats in this Father’s Day Gift Box arrive in a classic wooden chest that is the perfect size to accentuate Dad’s desk at work or home. It’s a unique gift that he will often be asked about. “Yep, isn’t that little chest sweet?! My kids got it for me on Father’s Day.” Dad’s always enjoy bragging about their kids, so this year let him do some bragging about you. Ties in closets rarely make the headlines.



Dan’s Premium Pail of Treats We can almost guarantee that your Dad has never received a paint can full of one-of-a-kind treats! Trust us, he will remember it. If Dad has never tried Santa Barbra Garlic Stuffed Olives, he really needs to. Let’s make that happen for Good Ol’ Dad.

Is your Dad a movie buff? Has he been begging you to sit down and watch all the Jason Bourne movies back-to-back? If so, THIS is the perfect Father’s Day Gift Box.



Movie Fest Gift Box  This Father’s Day Gift Box has plenty of all your favorite movie theater snacks to keep you munching through every car chase scene imaginable. As much as Dad will love the movie snacks, he will probably love just spending the time with you even more.


Father’s Day Gift Baskets

We have Father’s Day Gift Boxes for your Grill Masters, your Cigar Aficionados, and your Mixologist who are always in search of the perfect Bloody Mary. Check out all our Father’s Day Gift Boxes in our gift basket shop.

Dads can often be goofy, sometimes a bit nerdy, but deep down you know they are all rock stars in their own way, so celebrate with them and give them a big THANK YOU. Don’t forget this year to go beyond the tie and surprise Dad with a Father’s Day Gift Box.

From all of us at Gift Basket HQ, Happy Father’s Day!