Gift Basket Delivery – When Friends and Family Can’t Have a Party, Deliver the Party to Them.

Now more than ever during these trying times, gift basket delivery is a fast, easy, fun, and most importantly, a safe way to celebrate life’s benchmark moments.

These are the days of stay-at-home orders, adjusting to working from home, and learning to home school our children. It sometimes seems as if the world has simply stopped. But it has not stopped. The world keeps on spinning day unto day.

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and even job promotions haven’t stopped. Life continues. The only difference being, is that sadly, we haven’t been able to celebrate those occasions in person. Celebrating these special events in our current reality can often be a challenge, but not impossible!

When friends and family can’t have a party, deliver the party to them, with a gift basket delivery.

Free Shipping Options

At Gift Basket HQ we have 300 different gift basket delivery options! All our gift baskets are hand packed, hand wrapped, and shipped directly from our door to any destination across the globe. We also offer special Gift Baskets with free shipping!

Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

When we say that we have a gift basket for every occasion we mean it! We think you will be surprised with all the creative options we offer.


We even have gift basket delivery options for your four-legged canine friends! Woof! Woof!


Gift baskets are always fun to receive, they are always remembered, and they are the perfect gift for the days we are all learning to navigate.


Today, maybe more than ever, life’s special moments should be celebrated. Surprising your friends and family with a gift basket delivery is one way that we can stay connected and mark the occasion with smiles and laughter.